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    International partnership with stylish London co-working sites!

  2. Media

    Current and former EGG JAPAN tenants’ interview is appeared in the August issue of “Nikkei Business Associe”

  3. Updates

    “With work ‘PLACE’ reform, both the company and people can grow”

  4. Media

    GBHT&EGG JAPAN are featured in the web magazine “HIGHLIGHTING Japan” Oct Issue published by the Japanese government

  5. Media

    Former GBHT tenants’ interview is appeared in the December issue of “Nikkei Business Associe”

  6. Media

    EGG JAPAN’s tenant interview is now published in the May issue of “Nikkei Business Associe” magazine!

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    ≪New Movie!≫Dancing business people in Marunouchi!?

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    ≪Update≫Video is uploaded! GBHT on TV show “MARUNOUCHI KOMACHI”

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    ≪Jan 22 (Sun)/TV Asahi≫GBHT appears in “MARUNOUCHI KOMACHI”

  10. Media

    Interview of HubSpot Japan, from “MARUNOUCHI THE PRESS vol.28”

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