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2019.6.13『SilverEco & Ageing Well International Awards ceremony』【On Medio /】


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【On Medio /】

『SilverEco & Ageing Well International Awards ceremony / SilverEco & Ageing Well 国際授賞式』

≪Event Summary≫

◆Date: 13th of June 2019 3:30pm~8:00pm

◆Place:Global Business Hub Tokyo / Event space Field

◆Summary:We have the pleasure to announce you that the SilverEco & Ageing Well International Ceremony will take place in Tokyo.On the occasion, the 3 best ageing well practices of the year will be awarded.

The International awards ceremony is taking place on the 13th of June 2019 at the Global Business Hub in Tokyo.

This ceremony will welcome international Silver Economy experts around debates. It will be the opportunity to share experiences and to change our perspective on ageing in order to create together a better Ageing Well World.


Networking & Sharing experiences

Join the event and have the chance to meet international Ageing Well & Silver Economy stakeholders, a moment of international networking with talks and exchanges.

The event registration is open and free of charge, only professionals are able to attend the event.

Fill the registration form to receive your personal pass and attend the awards ceremony:


Please find below the SilverEco & Ageing Well International awards ceremony programme:

3:45pm: Doors opening

4:00pm: Opening with the Global Business Hub, Nomura Research Institute, and the President of

4:30pm: SilverEco & Ageing Well round table with Orange group, Silver Economy experts, International Institutes:

・A demographic challenge, a worldwide opportunity

・Japan Focus: A super Ageing Society



5:00pm: Awards ceremony

5:30pm: Networking session



◆Capacity:200 persons

◆Organizer:On Medio / SilverEco


*Closed event

Event details is here.

Contact for this event :



◆開催日時: 2019年6月13日(木) 15:30~20:00

◆会場: Global Business Hub Tokyo / イベントスペースField

◆概要: SilverEco&Ageing Well国際授賞式を東京で開催されることを発表させていただきます。

本年の「Ageing Well(上手な老い方)」における3つの優秀事例に、賞が授与されます。












SilverEco&Ageing Well 国際授賞式 プログラム

午後3時45分: 開場

午後4時00分: グローバルビジネスハブ、野村総合研究所、 の社長によるオープニング

午後4時30分: オレンジグループ、シルバーエコノミーエキスパート、国際機関によるSilverEco&Ageing Well





午後5時30分: ネットワーキングセッション


◆定員: 200名

◆主催: On Medio / SilverEco