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2019.12.3『WTF is Javascript?! Talk + Workshop in Japanese』【Code Chrysalis Japan K.K.】


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 Code Chrysalis Japan K.K.

WTF is Javascript?! Talk + Workshop in Japanese 

Event Summary

Date : 3rd of December 2019 (Tue) 7:00pm9:30pm

Place : Global Business Hub Tokyo / Event space Field

Summary :

Code Chrysalis Head of Japanese Programs Masataka Shintoku will share how he got involved into coding, and give an interactive lesson to JavaScript This event is aimed for beginners interested in coding and will be held in Japanese.

 By the end of this workshop, you’ll get a better understanding of the different building blocks of code and together, read through some code! There are no prior requirements to attend.

We suggest bringing a pen or pencil.

 **This event is conducted together with Courrier Japon, and hosted by Global Business Hub Tokyo (**


Capacity : 90 persons

Organizer : Code Chrysalis Japan K.K.

*Open Event


Event Details are below.





 Please contact each of the above sites, if you have any question.





◆会場:Global Business Hub Tokyo / イベントスペースField


Java Scriptとは!?日本語によるトークセッション&ワークショップ

Code Chrysalisにおける日本語プログラムのヘッドである新徳雅隆氏によるワークショップ。新徳氏がどのようにこれまでCodingと向き合ってきたかのご紹介から、JavaScriptのレッスンを行います。このワークショップはCodingに興味のある初心者向けに日本語で開催されます。


このイベントはGlobal Business Hub Tokyoに場所提供の協賛を受け、Courrier Japon と共催されます。



◆主催:Code Chrysalis Japan K.K.










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