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Global Business Hub Tokyo appears on new MITSUBISHI ESTATE TV commercial currently on the air !



Global Business Hub Tokyo has been appeared on the new MITSUBISHI ESTATE TV commercial started airing from 23rd of November!

The shooting took place in “Terrace Lounge” of Global Business Hub Tokyo last month.

Please take a close look at the last scene of the TV commercial.




“Let’s go and see, Mitsubishi Estate Building” (Meeting ver.) (30sec/15sec)


TV On Air Schedule


WED   TV Asahi         4:56am-8:00am           Good! Morning

WED   Nippon TV      22:00pm-22:54pm       Jimini Sugoi! Kouetsu Girl

THU   TBS                 17:30pm-18:00            N Sta

THU   TV Tokyo         19:58pm-20:54            Nippon Ikitaihito Ouendan

FRI     Fuji TV             6:10am-8:00am           Mezamashi TV

SUN    Fuji TV           10:00am-10:55am        Wide na Show

SUN   TV Asahi         16:30pm-18:00pm        Houdou Station Sunday

SUN   TV Asahi         23:10pm-23:15pm        Marunouchi Komachi


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